CAN-GPS Field StationCAN-GPS for slope stability monitoring

In 2010, Orion developed a new field station designed for rapid deployment and emergency response. The CAN-GPS modularized our SinglePoint GPS tracking station into a much more manageable field system by separating the GPS and wireless from the power hardware, while simultaneously reducing their size and weight.  This segregation enabled a lightweight (<10 lb) station that could be carried in a backpack and deployed quickly and easily even in the most adverse environments. The GPS and RF antennae were mounted directly onto the CAN enclosure, while power was enabled for any external 12VDC source.  

The primary design goal - to reduce size and weight to improve field handling - was met.  The system saw initial on-site setup times drop to under 90 seconds, greatly reducing operational hazard exposure. At the same time, the station's hardened, weather-resistant enclosure was more than suitable for continuous, long-term operations.  In fact, CAN-GPS stations have been continuously operating in desert, alpine and tropical climates for over three years. 

CAN-GPS Portable PowerCAN-GPS deployment with PS-S50R50

An associated task was to address CAN-GPS power needs while maintaining the objectives of portability and rapid deployment. To meet these requirements we developed thePS-S50R50 portable power supply, a 52Ah solar (sealed lead acid, valve regulated) battery housed in a waterproof transport case. Integrated into the case was a 6A solar charge controller and bulkhead quick-connect to enable DC input from an external charge source. A 50W solar panel with side-of-pole mounting bracket and array power cable completed the (standard) system.

The PS-S50R50 source has been successfully deployed since the CAN-GPS system's inception. Deployment of the battery case with the CAN-GPS allows field technicians to quickly install and enable CAN-GPS operations for up to five days of unattended operation. This provides engineers ample time to assess the nature of deformation at a site before a solar (or other) recharge source needs to be applied. At the same time, the modularity of CAN-GPS allows integration with any 12VDC power infrastructure, particularly sources tuned for more demanding project applications and environments.