InteTrak GPS Network Management Software

The InteTrak GPS Network Management Software comprehensively manages the collection, processing and tracking of data from continuous and semi-permanent GPS networks deployed for high precision displacement monitoring of structures and natural hazards.

InteTrak manages:

  • GPS field station operations and network communications, including remote GPS receiver configuration.
  • Real-time GPS data streaming via network and serial protocols.
  • Sub-centimeter, near-real-time static and kinematic* GPS processing.
  • Full integration with the embedded database server.
  • Database and disk file archival of raw GPS code and carrier phase measurement data, satellite ephemerides, and kinematic and static processing results.
  • Time series, 2-D graphics of positioning data (North, East and Vertical [NEU]) data tables, message logs.
  • Graphical interface for manual cleaning of data outliers.
  • Automated programmatic cleaning of outliers using statistical data filters.
  • Solutions (positions, processing and statistics) data export and reports.

InteTrak was developed for unattended and autonomous network operation to generate continuous, high-rate displacement and deformation monitoring for scientists, engineers and operations managers. It has been adapted and applied to automated, periodic campaign surveys for repeat, campaign monitoring of large infrastructure.

* Software releases from 2002-2006 consisted of static (RS), kinematic (RT) and the combined static and kinematic (CMB) processing packages. The kinematic engine was developed primarily for high-rate monitoring of tall buildings and long-span bridges. However, it was also used for processing L1-only data in CMB-mode for slope stability monitoring projects. L1-kinematic processing is a rarely used approach (kinematic is more reliable on dual frequency [L1/L2] GPS data). Although it did show monitoring utility and could be beneficial for recording failure mechanisms, the high-rate data burden associated with kinematic was determined to be of limited benefit in slope stability monitoring. Therefore, the kinematic module was sidelined during a major rewrite. However, we are developing new approaches to high-rate positioning and reintegration of kinematic processing into our product line.  

InteTrak Software

InteTrak serves as the central tool for high-precision GPS network operation.  It provides all functionality needed to collect, process and present precise GPS monitoring data. 

Primarily applied for L1-Static GPS processing, InteTrak automates point position estimates at three independent processing spans, typically ranging from 15 minutes to 6 hours.  

Supports secondary post-processing of any stored data span using simple three-step configuration via graphical user interface.

Fully integrated database server, licensed and re-distributed.